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It is amazing how this coast, appareantly inaccessible, is actually dotted by small and comfortable coves. The coast is rugged and steep, with rocky cliffs that reach the sea, pinnacles and towers; the lowest part of this gulf, called Gulf of Orosei, is that of Cala Gonone.

Small hanging woods such as Biriola, make the primordial landscape green and it seems impossible that until a few decades ago shepards and coal miners inhabited this area carrying on their business. Water is now green, now turquise. Its color depends on white sand and on underground springs that reflect sunlight.

Its transparences are noticable during days of calm seas, but the sea shows its charme also in stormy days: when the wind blows from East the liquid element shows its charming violence breaking on the coast and on the breakwater of the harbour. When the wind comes from the mountains, often violent, it “brushes” the crests of gentle waves giving rise to a marine aerosol that rises several meters. But if you really want to enjoy and feel what this element might give to the athmosphere of a place you have to do two things at least: getting up early at dawn to see the sun rising from the sea and laying down on the beach on summer nights to watch stars shine.