The Territory

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The car grinds miles of curves and the east road SS125 crosses Dorgali to look onto the deep valley of Oddoene. White mountains show up like snowy, but what you see is bare rock hundreds of meters high. The geologically ancient limestone formed between 250 and 67 millions years ago, and it is one of the eldest in Europe. In this mountain scenary, a road tunnel marks the access to the way to Cala Gonone. It comes natural to advance moved by curiosity.

When you come out from the tunnel the strong contrast of the landscape that looks onto the sea takes breath away: enclosed among mountains the village streches on the coast, small and secluded, with its touristic harbour.

A few meters from homes, you are lying on the shore, on reddish beaches, in front of a sea where it is even possible to see and recognize fishes thanks to the transpareces of water, whitout an underwater mask.

Due to its geographical position, Cala Gonone has a mild climate all year round, guaranteed by a special microclimate that protects the village from the main disturbances, driven by winds coming from the north and the west quadrants.

Sea and mountain: with this combination Cala Gonone becomes an excellent choice to enjoy unique moments of relax and spend the holidays with an active…