Following the Orientale Sarda SS125 road you will cross the town of Dorgali and then you will overlook the deep valley of Oddoene surrounded by white mountains that seem to be covered by snow. What you see all around you are mountains of bare rock, a geologically ancient limestone, from 250 to 67 million years old, among the oldest in Italy. In this mountain landscape a road tunnel allows access to the road leading to Cala Gonone. Following your curiosity it is almost natural to want to enter that hole in the mountain. The contrast is very strong and the view over the Gulf at the end of the tunnel will leave you speechless: the town with its small marina stretches along the coast surrounded by mountains. You feel like to be already lying on the pink pebble beaches on the water’s edge, in front of a so clear water that you can see and recognize fishes without wearing a mask.
Cala Gonone has a mild climate all year round thanks to its geographical position that protect the village from the main unstable weathers.
Sea and mountain: thanks to this combination Cala Gonone becomes an excellent choice to enjoy unique moments of relax but also live your holiday in an active way.