Menu Hotel Costa Dorada

We care about you.


The our cousine is inspired by the aromas and flavours of our land and our sea respecting the flow of the seasons.

We proudly safe ward our traditions by looking to the future with optimism, that why’s we are here to satisfy your food choices.

In order to give you the best possible experience, we invite you to advice the staff if there are allergies, food intolerance or  related to the food.


Cover charge euro 2,50




Mussels with fresh tomato sauce (14)

Smoked fish with raw vegetables and citronette (4)

Beef with erbs, cannonau sauce and sour onion petals (1)

Selection of sardinian cheeses and salami

with vegetables in olive oil

Eggplant pie with fresh tomato and carasau bread *(1)

Mashed chickpeas (Houmus) with sprinkle dry fruit (8)


* We suggest you to try it with pecorino cheese(7)




Crab spaghetti with tomatoes and fresh chilli pepper (1.2)

Seafood risotto with cuttlefish, prawns and scampi, creamed with extra olive oil and bisque. (1.2)

Malloreddus with cannonau cooked sausage in saffron flavored tomato sauce* (1)

Maccarrones de busa with jowl bacon, ricotta cheese

and tomatoes cherry* (1.7)

Fregola with mushrooms and saffron* (1)

Spelt and rice soup with sauteed vegetables (1)


We suggest you to try it with pecorino cheese (7)





Grilled fillet fish with topinambur, parsley and lemon zest (4)

Slice tuna with cherry tomatoes marinated in pesto and garlic bread crumble (1.4)

Lamb ribs with white wine, caramelized onions

and lemon sauce (3)

Grilled entrecote with mushroom sauce and

braised seasonal vegetables

Vegetable burger, flavored with cumin in bread crust (1)

Vegetarian meatballs with white wine in a carrots

and beets soup (6)





Panna cotta with fresh fruit, maraschino liquor

and strawberries culis

Homemade choccolate brownie with lemon mousse

Millefoglie of traditional bread, carasau, with cream and choccolate slivers

Seadas, Traditional sardinian cheese dessert

Apple tart cream custard