Nuragic civilization

Few know that Sardinia is not only a beautiful island with wonderful sea and coastline but also the birthplace of a unique civilization that can be identified unambiguously: the Nuragic. This civilization is unique in the world, appeared in 1800 B.C. and disappeared in 456 A.D. , and together with the Egyptians and Greeks, has led to the birth of the greatest sculptures and architecture of the Basin of Mediterranean of the time. The nuraghe is the structure that best identifies this culture. It is a top cut conical tower with two floors, maximum 20 meters high, with a simple or more complex structure according to the historical period when it was built. They have a circular basis and they are built with huge square stones one upon the other without any filling material. Often they have a narrow entrance topped with a lintel and the roof is a dome. It is estimated that there are around 8000 nuraghi all over the island, with a density of one nuraghe every 3 kms! We do not know if they were the residences, places of worship or fortresses, but around the most impressive nuraghi you will often find the basal parts of the huts of the villages.