Cala Gonone

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The strategic position of Cala Gonone, in the middle of East coast of Sardinia, makes it a preferential destination for those who want a holiday admist nature and at the same time like to do day trips throughout the island.

Sardinian culture and the several traditions that still live in Cala Gonone make this village interesting for those who love discovering local costumes


It is amazing how this coast, appareantly inaccessible, is actually dotted by small and comfortable coves. The coast is rugged and steep, with rocky cliffs that reach the sea, pinnacles and towers; the lowest part of this gulf, called Gulf of Orosei, is that of Cala Gonone.

The Territory

The car grinds miles of curves and the east road SS125 crosses Dorgali to look onto the deep valley of Oddoene. White mountains show up like snowy, but what you see is bare rock hundreds of meters high. In this mountain scenary, a road tunnel marks the access to the way to Cala Gonone. It comes natural to advance moved by curiosity.


Few know that Sardinia is not only a beautiful island with wonderful sea and coastline but also the birthplace of a unique civilization that can be identified unambiguously: the Nuragic. This civilization is unique in the world, and together with the Egyptians and Greeks, has led to the birth of the greatest sculptures and architecture of the Basin of Mediterranean of the time.