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Cliff climbing and sports multipitch

  • S’atta Ruia, in the park of Dorgali, 61 routes, 30m max, from 5 a to 8 a
  • La Poltrona (“The armchair”), high wall-shaped valley above the village, 58 routes, 165m max, from 5 a to 8 a
  • Grottone dei Colombi, 2kms along the North coast of the village, overlooking the sea, 26 routes, 210m max, from 6 a to 8 b
  • Buchi arta, 10kms South of the village, towards the codula di luna, 34 routes, 30m max, from 5 b to 6 b +
  • Cala and Codula Fuili, a sea cliff located in the canyon with the same name, 179 routes, 70m max, from 4c to 8 b +
  • Cala Luna, a beach reachable with a boat form Cala Gonone or with a trekking route of 2 hours, climbing wall on the sea, 51 routes, 70m max, from 5 c to 8 b
  • Pinnacle of Goloritzè, a beautiful monolith on the sea, above Cala Goloritzè, accessible from the sea or by foot from the plateau of Golgo (Baunei territory),21 routes, 165m max, from 6 a to 7 a

Classic climbing

On the cliffs of sport climbing suche as Grottone dei Colombi and la Poltrona , you can find classic itineraries, but below there is a greater number of routes.

  • Il Budino, North to la Poltrona, a big round monolith with several crests, 13 routes, up to 220m, from III to V +
  • Cala Goloritzè, classic climbing on the pinnacle, route “Sinfonia dei Mulini a Vento”, 165m, 6 a / 6 b + or A0
  • Monte Oddeu and Surtana, in the valley of Oddoene, below Dorgali, you can climb high walls of 300m with all level of difficulty, both for beginners and for savvy.