Nuragic Itinerary

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It is possible to discover beauties of Sardinia in one of the following nuragic itineraries:

Tomb of Giants “S’Ena ‘e Thomes” (between Lula and Dorgali territories), a monumental tomb of the Nuragic period. It is accessible through a short path from the road Lula-Dorgali

Dolmen of Motorra (Dorgali territory), mass gave from the Neolithic times, accessible by a 400 meters path (follow the red paint signs); the entrance of the path is at Km 207 of the road Dorgali-Lula

Nuragic Village of Serra Orrios (Dorgali territory), there are aproximately 100 huts, two small temples and two megalithic tombs. The access is on the road Dorgali-Lula

Nuraghe Mannu (Dorgali territory), one-tower nuraghe located over Codula Fuili. You can access there through a dirt road and it is signposted on the winding road from the tunnel to Cala Gonone

Nuragic Village of Tiscali (Dorgali territory), hidden among the rocks, built inside a mountain, it is a unique site in the island, that can be reached only after a hour an a half long trekking path, accessible from the valley of Lanaitho or from the valley of Oddoene.